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About Yusmarg !

Yusmarg, is situated in the district Budgam which lies in the Western part of Kashmir province it is 47 kms away from Srinagar and stands at a height of about 2396 mts above sea level. Also known as the "Meadow of Jesus" as it is believed that when Jesus came to Kashmir it was Yusmarg where Jesus stayed.

Must visit destinations:

  • Yusmarg : Yusmarg is incredibly perfect destination for trek lovers; a 4 km trek to Nilnag could prove an adventurous and unforgettable experience to its visitors. Besides that a trek to lake "sang e safed" which is 10 kms from Yusmarg is pretty amazing as most of its portion is covered under the thick ice layer throughout the year.
  • Tsrar-e-Shareef : is just another place which has a huge contribution in making Yusmarg a famous destination among tourists. It's a shrine which is dedicated to "HAZRAT SHIEKH NOOR-U-DIN NOORANI", also known as Nund Reshi, was a sufi saint who preached Islam in Kashmir valley, he is revered by the people of all faiths, people from all over the world pay a visit to this shrine to seek his blessings.

Offered Sports :

  • Trekking as mentioned above is one of the amazing sports that Yusmarg thrills it's visitors with, a quiet huge meadow filled with grassing cattles, Tosa maidan is pretty famous place for trekking that makes it's visitors leave with adventures and new amazing experiences.
  • Skiing is yet another sport offered by Yusmarg to tourists, professional skiers, and students who visit Yusmarg for training purposes, as its glorious slopes are perfect for skiing and can be an ideal place for amateurs who want to learn skiing.
  • Horse Riding in Yusmarg especially can be amazing experience for one because of the natural and soft slopes, and reasonable rates that they offer as compared to other tourist attractions in valley.

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