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About Verinag !

Verinag is 78 kms away from Srinagar and is situated at the height of 1876 mts above sea level. It is one of the largest fresh water springs in Kashmir and one among the famous picnic spots. One amazing fact about this spring is that it neither dries nor overflows. It is also the source of river Jhelum.

There are many legends associated with the name of Verinag. According to one legend, Verinag is named after "Nil Nag" son of a saint called "Kashyap Rishi" who once ruled the Kashmir valley, the another legend says that it was Goddess Vitasta who was considering to take rise from this place but at that time God Shiva was meditating over there so she had to go back from there and took her rise from Veravurthur, Vira in Sanskrit means to go back and nag means water spring and therefore verinag got its name.

The actual shape of this spring was irregular and to be precise it was more like a shapeless pond. In 1620 Mughal Emperor Jahangir took the responsibility to renovate it and a beautiful octagonal tank came into existence which surrounds the beautiful deep blue water spring. It is believed that the carvers were imported from Iran to execute this master piece. It was further beautified by Emperor Shahjahan who built a beautiful garden next to this mesmerizing spring.

Verinag is considered as a sacred place for hindus because of the presence of Shaivite shrine and every year uncountable guests throng Verinag to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva. There is also an old temple in the garden of Verinag where some ancient idols of gods are confined.

In its vicinity is the river veravuthur which is the chief source of river Jhelum. Apart from the Verinag spring many other springs combine together which are collectively called as Sapta Rishi, their junction point is Sangam where people bath on festival days which is held annually to celebrate the birth of the river.

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